Women of Ethical Culture

Who were some of the women who contributed to the Ethical Culture / Ethical Humanist movement through its history? You might know the name Anna Garlin Spencer — but there are more!

And what about the attitude of Felix Adler towards women and the place of women in the early Ethical Societies — how much of what you’ve heard is myth and how much reality?

Register now for this three-session course, with informative lectures by Jone Johnson Lewis and discussion by participants.

Cost: $10/session or $25/course per participant, unless you’re a member of the Philadelphia or Baltimore Ethical Society (in which case contact your Leader for registration information).

More information and registration below.

Session 1: Felix Adler and Early Ethical Culture – attitudes about women and women’s rights

  • Monday, August 8: 7-8:30 pm

Session 2: Some Ethical Culture women you should know: not just Anna Garlin Spencer

  • Thursday, August 10: 7-8:30 pm

Session 3: More recent women and feminism in Ethical Culture/Ethical Humanism

  • Monday, August 21: 7-8:30 pm