Vision for a Community of the Head, Heart, and Hands

My attempt to describe a vision for an Ethical Society. With a few minor changes, it could apply to other groups in the broader "head, heart, and hands" humanism and progressive religion.  Over image of mountains seen more clearly through glasses.

There is an interesting story behind this statement. During a somewhat contentious period in an Ethical Society, I woke up one morning with this fully formed in my mind, a product of my dreaming. I ran for a pen and paper and captured it, making only a few minor corrections where it didn’t quite hang together or I didn’t remember a few words. As a humanist, I have a completely naturalistic explanation for how my brain was working on the vision that was behind my dissatisfactions of the moment, but I am still amazed that it held together pretty well.

An Ethical Society Is … – by Jone Johnson Lewis (