Lonely person wearing jeans and leather boots walking away along the path strewn with rocks.

Walking Away

On sticking it out vs. walking away when times get tough: some musings from experiences recently in several different organizations I’m part of.

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Beloved Community

When I’m despairing of how our groups or wider culture fail to live up to our own values, I find it worthwhile to get back to: what is our vision for how we DO want to live?

Circles of Humanity

Being human together: a guide for community-building circles, especially in humanistic and progressive religious communities. Includes 20 scripts/guides you can …

sign says speak up stand up show up for justice

Walking Our Talk

Social Justice in Progressive Religious Community There is a lot of evidence that congregations in general – and thus, we …

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Community’s Challenges

Freethinkers tend to be people who reject dogma and authority. Community requires a certain amount of adaptation and acceptance. What …