Title and subtitle of article, superimposed on an image of a blue sky and green grass, three post-it notes are clipped to s string: orange note says Dream Big, lime note says Set Goals, bright pink note says Take Action.

Setting Effective Goals

Does your community have a lot of plans but ends up not accomplishing much of them? This article describes two effective, yet not complicated, methods for setting goals. Each has strengths. You’ve heard of SMART goals but have you heard of FAST goals?

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Walking Away

On sticking it out vs. walking away when times get tough: some musings from experiences recently in several different organizations I’m part of.

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Renewal, Repentance, and Repair

A humanist looks at repentance and repair. The new year is a time for soul-searching – even if you don’t believe in the soul as some kind of separate entity, we can understand that word and idea in terms of our inner best self – a metaphor like heart and mind for quality of existence.

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Immunity to Change

Learn more about this webinar (Sept-Oct 2023) for members and leadership in Ethical Culture, UU, and humanist groups. Register early!

People gather to protest climate change. Smoggy air, people holding up globe and carrying picket signs.

Social Change Quotes

Social change usually means working for full equality and rights of all people, and especially through changes in policies and …

Lessons Learned

What I learned from Reuben Snake and Vickie Downey and their presentation, long ago now, on Native American Spirituality. Lessons …

Resistance Quotes

Resistance is active opposition to forces or practices that are accepted, expected, or established. You’ll find here quotations on several …

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Impermanence Quotations

You’ll find quotations on impermanence, the reality that everything changes and nothing lasts forever. Impermanence recognizes the reality of decay …

Risk Quotes

It takes courage, or foolhardiness, to take risks in life. Not taking any risks often means no success at all. …

Acceptance Quotes

These quotations about acceptance are powerful reminders of the importance of understanding and embracing life. Through the words of great …