Webinar: Managing Community Polarities

Blocks forming the word Immunity, with the I overturning to CO to spell community.

On-Demand Self-Study Webinar


Managing Community Polarities

Introducing Polarity Management, an insightful webinar that unravels the complexities of persistent community conflicts. Discover a powerful framework to understand and manage tensions between two opposing goals that are both necessary for the community's thriving, like stability AND change, task and process, "follow your heart" and "do your duty." Gain tools to understand and navigate these conflicts effectively. Don't miss out on this transformative opportunity. Join now!

Sliding Scale Cost

The standard registration for this webinar is $100, with self-selected discounts for those with limited resources. While it would be wonderful to make this available at no cost for everyone, time and expenses are involved for developing and presenting the webinar.  Please choose the fee level that best fits your ability to contribute towards this and future programming.

Standard: $100 - if you have sufficient financial resources and can pay fair value for this learning, pay the full amount when you register.

Discount: $70 - on payment page, use promo code PMDISCOUNT for 30% off if you sometimes struggle with limited financial resources and would benefit from supported access to this learning.

Scholarship: $35 - on payment page, use promo code PMSCHOL if you struggle with limited resources and have difficulty saving due to less reliable income or pay, or if you live in a country where earning power is less.

Who Is Sponsoring This?

This is a project sponsored by Jone Johnson Lewis and EManifold, a learning and connection community for humanists and religious progressives.  Jone has more than 50 (!) years of experience facilitating groups, many of those years working with organizational change.  She is a certified Ethical Culture Leader and an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. Read testimonials from a few of Jone’s clients here:  Jone Johnson Lewis (jonelewis.info)

Jone has presented an abbreviated version of this workshop several times at American Ethical Union and other events.


The registration button will take you to a screen where you can pay online (don't forget the discount code if one applies, see sliding scale information above). If you need to pay some other way, please email and we can try to work it out.

After you pay online, you'll be asked to register for the course. 

  • Just to be clear, you do NOT need to upload a photo if you want, just click "Next" if you don't have one handy.
  • You'll be able to enter your name and answer a few mostly-optional introductory questions about yourself.

After registering, you'll have access to a growing number of community features to connect with others, including a place to ask questions, an always-optional video/audio hangout if others are online, and some documents on community-building topics and on the EManifold site itself.