Title and subtitle of article, superimposed on an image of a blue sky and green grass, three post-it notes are clipped to s string: orange note says Dream Big, lime note says Set Goals, bright pink note says Take Action.

Setting Effective Goals

Does your community have a lot of plans but ends up not accomplishing much of them? This article describes two effective, yet not complicated, methods for setting goals. Each has strengths. You’ve heard of SMART goals but have you heard of FAST goals?

Word immunity in blocks, with the initial I changing to CO for community. On orange background.

Immunity to Change

Learn more about this webinar (Sept-Oct 2023) for members and leadership in Ethical Culture, UU, and humanist groups. Register early!

Graphic showing the word Decisions in a circle, with bubbles pointing to it saying Mission, Members, Resources, Volunteers, and Agreements Laws Values.

Making Decisions in a Community

Are you a community or a club? A community or a dictatorship? How your group makes decisions shapes how people experience your community. Decision-making is about relationships!

Circles of Humanity

Being human together: a guide for community-building circles, especially in humanistic and progressive religious communities. Includes 20 scripts/guides you can …

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Sociocracy Resources

Sociocracy for All held their Annual Sociocracy Conference recently. Here are several recordings of sessions from that conference. Sociocracy is …