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Embodied Living

I found this very new book I can recommend. Practices for Embodied Living: Experiencing the Wisdom of Your Body, by Hillary L. McBride.

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My Jane Fonda Saga

The story of the targeted harassment campaign against me. For what? Writing a book authored by Barbara Walters?!?!

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Renewal, Repentance, and Repair

A humanist looks at repentance and repair. The new year is a time for soul-searching – even if you don’t believe in the soul as some kind of separate entity, we can understand that word and idea in terms of our inner best self – a metaphor like heart and mind for quality of existence.

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Beloved Community

When I’m despairing of how our groups or wider culture fail to live up to our own values, I find it worthwhile to get back to: what is our vision for how we DO want to live?

Women of Ethical Culture

Who were some of the women who contributed to the Ethical Culture / Ethical Humanist movement through its history? You might know the name Anna Garlin Spencer — but there are more!

Lessons Learned

What I learned from Reuben Snake and Vickie Downey and their presentation, long ago now, on Native American Spirituality. Lessons …

The Immigrants

Reflections on immigrant roots, revised and updated. It used to be very simple to immigrate to the United States. And, …

Democracy and Reason

Back in January, 2021, not long after an insurrection and inauguration, the American Ethical Union sponsored an All Society Platform …

Heart Humanism

I’ve moved some older articles from other places on the web to the Heart Humanism site. Archive – Heart Humanism …