Title and subtitle of article, superimposed on an image of a blue sky and green grass, three post-it notes are clipped to s string: orange note says Dream Big, lime note says Set Goals, bright pink note says Take Action.

Setting Effective Goals

Does your community have a lot of plans but ends up not accomplishing much of them? This article describes two effective, yet not complicated, methods for setting goals. Each has strengths. You’ve heard of SMART goals but have you heard of FAST goals?

Lonely person wearing jeans and leather boots walking away along the path strewn with rocks.

Walking Away

On sticking it out vs. walking away when times get tough: some musings from experiences recently in several different organizations I’m part of.

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Beloved Community

When I’m despairing of how our groups or wider culture fail to live up to our own values, I find it worthwhile to get back to: what is our vision for how we DO want to live?

A paper cubes collection with printed logos of world-famous social networks and online messengers, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram and others.

Social Media Policy

Not having a social media policy in your community can lead to uncomfortable, sometimes harmful, conflicts. I was asked recently …

Graphic showing the word Decisions in a circle, with bubbles pointing to it saying Mission, Members, Resources, Volunteers, and Agreements Laws Values.

Making Decisions in a Community

Are you a community or a club? A community or a dictatorship? How your group makes decisions shapes how people experience your community. Decision-making is about relationships!

sign says speak up stand up show up for justice

Walking Our Talk

Social Justice in Progressive Religious Community There is a lot of evidence that congregations in general – and thus, we …

person holding white printer paper that says "Hello My Pronouns Are" then blanks.

Inclusive Pronouns

It’s Pride Month, and time for a reminder on why gender inclusivity and using someone’s pronouns is so important. Language …

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Community’s Challenges

Freethinkers tend to be people who reject dogma and authority. Community requires a certain amount of adaptation and acceptance. What …

Community Matters

In 2023 I initiated this collection (still growing) on my writings on sustaining community, especially in the context of humanism, Unitarian Universalism, and Ethical Culture.