Title and subtitle of article, superimposed on an image of a blue sky and green grass, three post-it notes are clipped to s string: orange note says Dream Big, lime note says Set Goals, bright pink note says Take Action.

Setting Effective Goals

Does your community have a lot of plans but ends up not accomplishing much of them? This article describes two effective, yet not complicated, methods for setting goals. Each has strengths. You’ve heard of SMART goals but have you heard of FAST goals?

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Embodied Living

I found this very new book I can recommend. Practices for Embodied Living: Experiencing the Wisdom of Your Body, by Hillary L. McBride.

Stone statue of Laozi, an old man, against a landscape of trees and sky.

Laozi Quotations

I’ve found the (translated) works of the Chinese sage Laozi to be inspiring. He is usually said to have been the contemporary of Confucius and a founder of Daoism. (Laozi is sometimes called Lao Tzu and Daoism called Taoism.) So I created a collection of some of my favorites quotations.

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My Jane Fonda Saga

The story of the targeted harassment campaign against me. For what? Writing a book authored by Barbara Walters?!?!

word fear on wall in large letters taller than the man with an axe busting a hole in the gray wall to see blue sky and clouds beyond

Fear and Guilt Quotes

These are not fun emotions to have, but sometimes we do, and these quotations may help in pondering where you are and how to get beyond that.

dictionary definition of dignity

Dignity Quotes

The idea of dignity is crucial to ethics and to humanism. Here are some quotes I’ve collected on dignity: Quotes …

Lonely person wearing jeans and leather boots walking away along the path strewn with rocks.

Walking Away

On sticking it out vs. walking away when times get tough: some musings from experiences recently in several different organizations I’m part of.

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Make a Difference

Some new quotes are up! Topic this time: making a difference. Your impact on the world matters. Making a Difference …